Our History

Probus was founded in 1911 and produced its first kitchen tool in 1924 – from which it went on to establish itself amongst the leading manufacturers of kitchen tools and gadgets in the United Kingdom.

One of the most successful products developed was the world famous “Butterfly Can Opener” in the 1950’s, quickly becoming one the global market leader and selling up to 10 million pieces per year during the 1970s.


Probus Butterfly Can-opener

In the 1960s, Probus pioneered the use of plastic handles in kitchen tools, allowing for a wide variety of innovative, coloured products.

To further expand its market, in the 1970 Probus acquired a kitchen textile business, adding their products to the extensive portfolio.

In the 1980s, Probus began to supply own-branded products to high street stores, a thriving business to this day, which makes use of our global network and sourcing expertise.

In the early 1990s, as continued growth required larger premises, Probus moved from its original site in Sutton Coldfield to Tamworth. Throughout the 1990s, Probus was acquired by the Spire group of companies.

Mr. Alexander Fackelmann

Mr. Alexander Fackelmann

In April 2005, Probus Creative Housewares became a part of the global FACKELMANN family, followed by a move to further enlarged premises in Cannock.

Currently, Probus uses its global network to supply a large number of customers in the United Kingdom and abroad, from independent cook-shops to large retailers and department stores. We are constantly looking to expand our customer base and kindly invite you to contact us if you are interested in stocking our products.